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About The Kitchen Cooking School
I'm Chef Ze' Carter, and for over a decade people have sought me out for ways to enliven their culinary and eating experiences.

Food and cooking are my passions. Through teaching and hands-on instruction, I've brought my passion to others.  For over a decade people have sought me out for ways to enliven their culinary and eating experiences, and many of my dishes and desserts have won awards.

For the last fifteen years I've been a food columnist for the Daily Commercial. I've given private instruction to people of all ages and walks of life. My classes are an immersive interactive experience where I learn from my students and my students learn from me. Together, I believe fantastic recipes are being created along with a renewed joy to the culinary experience and most of all, getting people back around the table.

​I am also the Founder and Director of Kitch'n Lyfe Skills, a non profit organization that is dedicated to reducing the occurrences of food insecurity among school aged children, youth who have aged out of foster care the elderly and first time offenders through education, enlightenment and empowerment, by changing the way we eat one plate at a time.

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Our Creative Contributors
Chef Joy

Chef Joy Williams is a chef turned skin care entrepreneur. Her passions don't end there she was also a featured TEDX Eustis presenter. She uses her love for cooking, to help others with ingredients from Mother Nature to encourage natural self care. Twice graduated from culinary school, and inspired by her late grandfather who served as a cook in the army, Joy decided to take her skills to the next level with her natural skin care line Asé Botanica (Pronounced ah-Shay). Her husband, and two children Leilani and Orian love to spend time going on nature walks and enjoying Mother Nature. “Mother Nature gave us these healing herbs and spices to help us while we are here.,” says the skincare guru. Joy, comes from a Jamaican household where her father has his own garden. Growing up she would see him in his garden picking his herbs and vegetables. He would make fruit and vegetable juices to help keep the family healthy. Her mother, an Escoffeir Culinary Graduate, once owned a cafe serving made to order healthy and nourishing foods. We are excited to add this well seasoned Chef and Entrepreneur, Joy is so excited to share her knowledge of natural skin care and products you can create at home with you. You can also visit here Esty shop at


Our Creative Contributors
Candace F. Wells

Painting with Candace is a fun, interactive experience as she makes anyone look like a well seasoned artist. Candace loves to paint art inspired by the Florida landscape with techniques that are easy to recreate.

Candace is a gifted artist and her unique ablity to connect with her students young and old alike is what makes her the perfect fit here at The Kitchen Cooking School and Creative Space.


​My muse...

My late father Zebb Brown (hence my name beginning with a "Z") was a chef in the military and a great cook. I must say that I cannot remember a single recipe my father ever gave me because he would use his time in the kitchen to give my sisters and I lessons about life, humanity, and most of all humility. He also gave us great advice on how to keep my mother at bay in the kitchen when he cooked because he would make some of the biggest messes and my mother couldn't wait to get into the kitchen and start cleaning. Those two truly were a match made in heaven.


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